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Essential Products

Products below are Essential for the efficient operation of your equipment  US$0.00US$US$0.00

Card Readers - Essential Products

36KW3-EMVB5050/BoxS|M|A|R|T Cleaning Card (for EMV)S US$80.00US$US$80.00
200KW3-EMVP1010/BagS|M|A|R|T Cleaning Card (for EMV) -Bag of 10S US$16.30US$US$16.30
50KW3-HSCB4040/BoxCard Reader Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®S US$25.12US$US$25.12
50KWING-HSCB4040/BoxIngenico Card Terminal Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®S US$24.39US$US$24.39
50KWV-HSCB4040/BoxVerifone Payment Terminal Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®  US$24.39US$US$24.39
80K2-HEB1010/BoxEncoded ATM Cleaning CardS US$21.45US$US$21.45
50K2-H80B5050/BoxCard Reader Cleaning Cards CR80S US$28.78US$US$28.78

Currency Counter - Essential Products

44KW3-CC3625B15WS15/BoxCurrency Counter Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®S US$19.57US$US$19.57

Check Scanners - Essential Products

36KWDCC-CS1B15WS15/BoxDigital Check Scanner Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®S US$30.48US$US$30.48
36KWBUR-BUR3B15W15/BoxBurroughs Check Scanner Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®S US$30.48US$US$30.48
36KWCAN-C1B15WS15/BoxCanon Check Transport Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®S US$30.48US$US$30.48
36KWEPS-CS1B15WS15/BoxEpson Check Scanner Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®S US$30.48US$US$30.48
36KWPNI-CS2B15WS15/BoxPanini Check Scanner Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®S US$30.48US$US$30.48
36K2-CIB2525/BoxCheck Scanner Cleaning CardS US$36.09US$US$36.09
44KW3-CRB1515/BoxMICR/Check Reader Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®S US$14.25US$US$14.25

Bill Validators / Acceptors - Essential Products

44KW3-BMB15M15/BoxBill Acceptor Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®S US$23.72US$US$23.72
50KWJCM-B2B15M15/BoxJCM Cleaning System Card featuring Waffletechnology®S US$33.75US$US$34.42

Thermal Printers - Essential Products

44KW3-T26B1515/BoxThermal Printer Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology® (2"/51mm)S US$12.33US$US$12.33
32KW3-T36B1515/BoxThermal Printer Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology® (3"/76mm)S US$13.77US$US$13.77
38KW3-T46B1515/BoxThermal Printer Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology® (4"/102mm)S US$14.22US$US$14.22
44KW3-T26B15AR15/BoxAdhesive Remover Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology® (2"/51mm)S US$12.33US$US$12.33
32KW3-T36B15AR15/BoxAdhesive Remover Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology® (3"/76mm)S US$13.77US$US$13.77
38KW3-T46B15AR15/BoxAdhesive Remover Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology® (4"/102mm)S US$14.22US$US$14.22

Cleaning Pens, Wipes & Swabs - Essential Products

13K2-S6T5050/BoxElectronics Cleaning Swab (6in/152mm)S US$43.06US$US$43.06
15K2-WIT100100/BoxElectronics Cleaning WipeS US$29.61US$US$29.61
12K2-W01-C0112/CaseElectronics Cleaning Wipe (5"x6.5") 50/CanisterS US$115.00US$US$115.00
6K2-W02-C016/CaseElectronics Cleaning Wipe (7"x8") 100/CanisterS US$115.00US$US$115.00
18K2-WDVCT5050/BoxDevice Cleaning WipeS US$19.22US$US$19.22
15K2-WDVCT100100/BoxDevice Cleaning WipeS US$29.61US$US$29.61
12K2-W01-DVC12/CaseDevice Cleaning Wipe (5"x6.5") 50/CanisterS US$115.00US$US$115.00
6K2-W02-DVC6/CaseDevice Cleaning Wipe (7"x8") 100/CanisterS US$115.00US$US$115.00
18K2-WVT5050/BoxScreen Cleaning WipeS US$20.28US$US$20.28
15K2-WVT100100/BoxScreen Cleaning WipeS US$29.61US$US$29.61
20K2-WDT2525/BoxScreen Cleaning Wipes (wet/dry)S US$23.97US$US$23.97
12K2-W01-SCR12/CaseScreen Cleaning Wipe (5in x 6.5in) 50/Canister [may have extended lead time]S US$115.00US$US$115.00
6K2-W02-SCR6/CaseScreen Cleaning Wipe (7in x 8in) 100/Canister [may have extended lead time]S US$115.00US$US$115.00
77KT-PJC2B1212/BoxThermal Printer Cleaning PenS US$16.51US$US$16.51
77KT-PJC2B12AR12/BoxAdhesive Remover Cleaning PenS US$16.51US$US$16.51
250K5-202825/PackLint Free Dry Wipes 4.5" x 6" (114mm x 152mm)S US$4.78US$US$4.78

Private Label

1K-Plate1/FeeK-Plate - One time plate charge per color that only applies when you order a private label foil pouched product or change existing artwork on your foil pouch. For each color on your pouch you need to order one K-Plate. For any subsequent order you do not need to pay this surcharge as we will already have your plate on hand.  US$150.00US$US$150.00
K-Language1/FeeK-Language - This one-time charge applies to each language you require on your pouch other than English. If you choose to use our existing English generic instructions from our pouches, and the translations are already available or you supply the translation to us, this fee will not apply. Languages available on our generic products are English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.  US$75.00US$US$75.00
1K-Color1/FeeK-Color - This charge applies to every order you place for private label foil pouched products. You can also place larger blanket orders to minimize the cost per unit. For every color in your private label product, you will need to order the “K-Color” setup charge. This charge applies to every order you place.  US$270.00US$US$270.00
1K-Label1/FeeK-Label - Any product can be private labeled for an additional per order fee by simply adding an adhesive label to a generic chipper box or zip-lock bag. While the pouch itself remains generic the outer package will have your “private label” look and feel. As many colors as necessary can be used on chipper boxes and zip-lock bags. On printed poly bags, the color choices are limited to one color either blue or black.  US$50.00US$US$50.00
Minimums - Cleaning Cards/Swabs/Wipes 2,500  US$0.00US$US$0.00

Additional Products

Products below are listed in their historical order  US$0.00US$US$0.00

Ingenico - Additional Products

50KWING-SPHB2020/BoxIngenico Print Swab  US$22.73US$US$22.73

Card Readers - Additional Products

50K2-H50B5050/BoxCard Reader Cleaning Cards CR50S US$29.92US$US$29.92

Check Scanners - Additional Products

44K2-MCRB2525/BoxMICR / Check Reader / Currency Counter Cleaning CardsS US$16.55US$US$16.55
38KW3-CSB15WS15/BoxWaffletechnology 4" Check Scanner Cleaning CardS US$23.85US$US$23.85
36KW3-SFS1B15WS15/BoxSheet Fed Scanner Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology 8.5"S US$42.68US$US$42.68
36KW3-SFS2B15WS15/BoxSheet Fed Scanner Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology A4  US$42.97US$US$42.97

Bill Validators / Acceptors - Additional Products

44KW3-BCWB15M15/BoxCash Acceptor Waffletechnology Cleaning CardsS US$28.31US$US$28.31
44KW3-BWB15M15/BoxWaffletechnology Bill Acceptor Cleaning Cards WhiteS US$20.66US$US$20.66
33K2-BMB50M50/BoxLucky Stripe Bill Acceptor Cleaning CardsS US$42.94US$US$42.94
44KWJCM-B4B15M15/BoxJCM DBV Bill Validator Waffletechnology Cleaning Card   US$33.75US$US$34.42
50KWJCM-B1B15M15/BoxJCM Waffletechnology Cleaning Card (Original)   US$33.75US$US$34.42
33KWJCM-B3B15M15/BoxJCM GLOBAL International Card (76MM width)  US$33.75US$US$34.42
44KWJCM-B5B15M15/BoxJCM Taiko Bill Validator Waffletechnology Cleaning Card  US$33.75US$US$34.42

Thermal Printers - Additional Products

38K2-T46B2525/BoxThermal Printer Cleaning Card 4”x6” - 101.6mm x 152.4mm Series 212 (3 Layer)S US$22.11US$US$22.11
38K2-T3126B2525/BoxThermal Printer Cleaning Card 3 1/8”x6” / 79.38mm x 152.4mmS US$22.44US$US$22.44
38K2-T36B2525/BoxThermal Printer Cleaning Card 3”x6” - 76.20mm x 152.4mmS US$22.34US$US$22.34
44K2-T256B2525/BoxThermal Printer Cleaning Card 2.5”x6” - 63.5mm x 152mmS US$21.45US$US$21.45
44K2-T2256B2525/BoxThermal Printer Cleaning Card 2.25”x6” - 57.15mm x 152.4mmS US$20.90US$US$20.90
44K2-T2186B2525/BoxThermal Printer Cleaning Card 2 1/8"X6" - 53.9mm x 152.4mmS US$20.41US$US$20.41
44K2-T26B2525/BoxThermal Printer Cleaning Card 2”x6” - 50.8mm x 152.4mmS US$19.59US$US$19.59
50KWTRA-KTP8/9501/KitTransAct Technologies Cashless Ticket Printer Cleaning SystemS US$35.19US$US$35.19
44KWTRA-T36B1515/BoxTransAct Technologies Ithaca Printer Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®  US$16.79US$US$16.79

Cleaning Pens, Wipes & Swabs - Additional Products

18K2-WCT5050/BoxEZ Clear Optical Lens & Glass (not for use on Touch or Plasma Screens)S US$19.22US$US$19.22
50KWPNI-WIJB25H25/BoxPanini Ink Cleaning WipesS US$15.27US$US$15.27
32K2-S4B2525/Box4" IPA Pouched SwabS US$21.40US$US$21.40
13K2-S6T50WS50/BoxMulti-Surface Foam Swabs 6" Plastic Handle (IPA Free)S US$42.65US$US$42.65
13K2-S6T50AR50/BoxAdhesive Remover Foam Swabs 6" Plastic HandleS US$42.87US$US$42.87
50K2-SKB2020/BoxElectronics Cleaning Swab (3in/76mm)S US$19.70US$US$19.70
100K2-PCFF55/EnvEZ Printer/Copier/Fax Cleaner SheetS US$10.22US$US$10.22
250KT-K1PJCLIP1/KitEZ Pen Clip/Wipe (6 clips-2 wipes)  US$3.52US$US$3.52
75KWCAN-WSCDB77/BoxCanon Check Transport & Document Scanner WipesS US$10.13US$US$10.13

Kits - Additional Products

12KWPNI-K5W1/KitPanini Vision neXt™ / Vision X® Cleaning KitS US$68.24US$US$68.24
30KWDCC-K1W1/kitDigital Check Branch Capture Cleaning KitS US$75.00US$US$75.00
32KWDCC-K2W1/kitDigital Check Remote Deposit Capture Cleaning KitS US$25.20US$US$25.20
24KWEPS-KCS21/KitEpson Check Scanner Cleaning Kit featuring Waffletechnology®S US$45.84US$US$45.84
6KWTRA-ITHK11/KitPOS Cleaning Kit containing TransAct's Ithaca 8000/40 Printer Cleaning CardS US$67.26US$US$67.26
30K2-KCIS1/KitEZ Check Scanner KitS US$44.79US$US$44.79
40KW3-KK011/KitKIOSK Cleaning KitS US$27.38US$US$27.38
40KW3-KK021/KitPOS/KIOSK Cleaning Kit  US$16.80US$US$16.80
16KWCAN-K1W1/KitCanon Check Transport Cleaning KitS US$65.29US$US$65.29